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Older Baby Photography Session

A question commonly asked is…

Can we still photograph my baby if we missed the newborn stage?

Of course! I would honestly be so sad if you were to miss out!

Sometimes life has different plans for us and things don’t go the way we think.

Some babies may have to spend time in special care so can’t come within the ideal window for newborn photos. Or, some parents may just forget to book in due to having a busy lifestyle…

Whatever the reason is, I’ve got you!

Babies do become a lot more alert as the weeks pass and uncurl due to bone development, but it is still possible to photograph them.

So how do we do it?

  1. Firstly, we take advantage of photographing your beautiful family at this time, as they are. This includes lots of interaction and cuddles with your new baby, partner and siblings. It is best to take a more relaxed approach with this too.
  2. Photograph positions that your baby is already familiar with; back lie and tummy time! I always use my bean bag for this (as it is mouldable/comfy). Styling is best kept to a minimum too, sticking with different textures and colours for variety. That way bub is easily transitioned through each setup, with little disruption.
  3. Limit specific posing! It doesn’t need to be complicated to capture the most beautiful images. I personally just love it when babies are curious and develop a personality. Their wide eyes and gummy smile melts my heart!
  4. Capture all the details! I mean, who doesn’t love all the close ups?! All their tiny features make up some of the best images in a gallery and will remind you of how small they once were, specifically when compared to us.
  5. The most important thing to remember when you come in… Have fun and remain calm. If you are relaxed, your baby will be too! I know that a lot of clients feel awkward in front of a camera but rest assured, know that I’m here for you! We will have fun and the session will flow easily, no need to stress.

That’s a wrap!

Please get in touch if this is something you would like to book in.

It’s never too late.

Jodi x


Brisbane Maternity, Newborn, Baby/Motherhood & Family Photographer | Brisbane | www.jcimagery.com.au