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Townsville Newborn Baby Photographer

Earthy tones, minimal props and this sleeping beauty created such a perfect gallery! 

There’s a few more images for you to see below.

But, before you get there, you should know this – not all babies sleep during their first photoshoot ha-ha. 

Some just prefer to see what’s going on and are very curious! 

Either way, a lot parents ask this question…

How do I manage to keep babies so calm and restful?

Well, here’s what I do! 

  1. Play white noise – The womb is very noisy so I often just play something soothing (like rain sounds) in the studio. It not only helps the baby to sleep but creates a lovely, calming environment for families too!
  2. Baby shusher – These portable sound machines are lifesavers! They help soothe babies to sleep, making a constant ‘shush’ sound. 
  3. Warmth – To pose babies partially naked and transition with minimal disturbance, it is important to have your space nice and cosy! I use a mini space heater for this. Babies are used to about 37 Degrees Celsius (in the womb) which can be a bit warm for us mamma’s (but perfect for them)! 
  4. Swaddle and bounce – Newborns are used to being curled up to feel secure so a good swaddle with a little bouncing helps them to drift off. 
  5. Forehead/eye massage – I mean; I don’t really need to say anything about this! But, who doesn’t love a little face massage!
  6. Full tummy – Babies like to be full and satisfied in order to sleep. So a full feed at the start and top-ups throughout the session is ideal.
  7. Destress – If you are stressed, a baby will pick up on that. So when you walk in, relax! It’ll be fun and you’ll see it as a cherished moment later. 
  8. Lastly, I provide all of my clients with a comprehensive preparation guide prior to the session (believe it or not, your prep helps me on the day)! 

If we do all of this and your baby is still awake, we work with them as they are.

A wide-eyed baby staring into the lens is magical…

If you have read this far, I appreciate it! I really hope this helps you. Jodi x

For session availability, please MESSAGE. Otherwise, come and follow us on Instagram for the latest information and behind the scenes.

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