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Townsville Studio Portrait Photographer 

Why I supply smaller packages rather than a huge quantity of images (I’m talking like 60-80+ photos)… 

It’s due to the style and quality of work - I’m just not a ‘one click’ kinda gal!

All photographers have their own unique style, editing and workflow. 

From experience, I know that most clients won’t use half of their photos which brings me to the conclusion that it’s silly to give you ALL of them or a huge amount that are just ‘good.‘ 

I’d rather spend more time polishing and perfecting the smaller amount of photos that you love and give you ‘ALL THE FEELS’. 

I have three collections and my top package includes 30 images- a generous amount for you to enjoy (especially if you’re considering an album)! 

Each image that you receive from me will look like it belongs in a magazine… A high-end art work that your children and their children can pass down once we are gone. 

Images that are timeless, simple and clean, won’t become outdated over time. 

The takeaway…

Photographers that supply smaller galleries most likely spend many more hours than usual to edit your photos. 

If you value quality over quantity, you will feel much more fulfilled afterwards - client satisfaction is proven to be much higher!

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Otherwise, If you're interested in our quality services, CLICK HERE.

Much love,
Jodi x