Frequently Asked Questions

I know that choosing your maternity and newborn photographer is something you are very cautious about. After all, you are trusting this person with capturing the precious memories of a special time in your life and those early moments in your child's life.

Below I answer the most frequently asked questions about working with me and how I will provide you with a friendly, professional and comfortable photography experience.

What sets you apart from other photographers?

It is extremely important to choose a professional, this is why JC imagery is fully registered and insured. I am a specialist in maternity and newborn photography, a trained expert who understands the strict safety methods that must be performed throughout every session. My priority is to ensure that your new baby is comfortable and posed with extreme care.

What if my baby won't settle during the session?

Babies do have off days so please don’t stress! The best way to ensure that your new addition is comfortable and content for posing is to carefully read and follow our preparation guide. If for some other reason we are unable to finish your gallery during your visit to the studio, we will schedule a re-shoot (however, this has only happened once in 7 years)!


What time are newborn sessions & how long are they?

Sessions start at 9:30 as newborns are most sleepy during this time. Sessions usually take 2-3 hours; allowing plenty of time to feed, settle and pose your newborn.

How many setups are included in each session?

After we have finished your family portraits, we will pose your baby in multiple setups (including beanbag posing) to create some simplistic/natural images, capturing your baby the way they are. If you would like more of an idea on what we offer you can view the photos throughout the site. 


Can I print my digital images?

You will receive full print release with your package. All clients receive high-resolution images for personal printing and low resolution (watermarked) images for easy upload to your social media accounts.

Do I get to select my images?

Yes! You definitely get to choose your favourite images from the day. The average turnaround (from your session date to receiving your package) is 2 weeks. If ordering from our professional lab, add an additional 2 weeks for product delivery.

Do you offer payment plans?

YES, of course! We offer interest free payment plans so you take home your desired collection right away. Instalments can be as little as $20 a week. Terms and conditions apply so please enquire for further information.

Do you have eftpos available?

Yes! We do offer EFTPOS for your convenience.