Maternity, Newborn & Parenthood Sessions

Here a few reasons why professional photography sessions are a worthwhile investment:

  • To spoil yourself! Professional photography is a great way to pamper yourself. I will focus on all the details so that you can feel beautiful, relaxed and empowered.
  • To bring back your confidence! Some of you mightn't feel your best or may feel swollen and uncomfortable during pregnancy which is why you should have professional photography. You will see yourself in a different light and I will highlight your best features. We will discuss any concerns you may have so that the outcome exceeds your expectations. I take great pride to ensure that you love your images so I will chat with you in detail, prior to the session to find out exactly what you do and don’t feel comfortable with. Standing in front of the camera to pose doesn’t come naturally to most too, which is why I will guide you every step of the way so that you don’t even have to think about it.
  • To have fun and laugh! Pregnancy and motherhood can be an extremely stressful time (despite what you might see online), so a memorable photography experience can help take your mind off things. I promise that we’ll have lots of fun and share plenty of laughs!
  • To remember the moments… Everything will be over before you know it! Capture the bond with your growing child through a high-quality work of art… These photos will trigger such vivid memories and emotions, especially after your baby arrives earth-side. 

I know that there would be nothing more daunting to hand your new baby over to a complete stranger but please know, I am a trained professional. I understand the techniques necessary to pose safely, how to identify potential risks and how to avoid them. During your experience, I promise to ensure that your little one is kept warm, comfortable and content in the studio at all times and will take extra care when positioning them (safety is key)!  During newborn sessions you will remain close by to your little one.

All items in my studio are carefully sanitised and washed between each client to ensure a hygienic and germ-free environment. This is why I only photography one baby per day.

The health of your baby is vital! Please know that my First Aid training is up to date and I am fully-vaccinated to protect you and your little one! It is so important to ensure your photographer is immunised, especially against Whooping Cough.