After a few messages about this, I thought I’d share my take as to why I don’t offer these sessions.
Firstly, they shouldn’t just be your regular session charged at a ridiculously low price.

The cost needs to be carefully determined based on your standard pricing, theme costs, marketing and skill set.

It’s totally okay to give clients a taste of what a full session is like with you or to get a quick flow of income but if f offered all the time, I truly believe you could eventually lose valued/repeat/ideal clients.

Everyone’s opinion will be different and in some situations they might be necessary (especially because it is such a tough industry to work in at the moment). 

Really have a think about how you can do it correctly without devaluing your service that you pour your heart and soul into.

I personally want my clients to feel nurtured and there’s no way I can get to know them (on a raw level) in 20 minutes.

I feel that they:
• Kill your brand.
• Take more time than it’s worth to setup/organise.
• Lack personal connection as they’re designed to be quick and efficient, leaving clients to feel more like a number than a person (this can be difficult for children that take time to warm up too)!
• Dampen your creativity – using the same setup/backdrop/workflow for every single client is repetitive/unexciting.

If I had a strict time limit and had to cut back on everything that’s important, I’d have major anxiety.

My style of photography is impossible to create any other way.

Jodi x