Townsville Newborn Photography Specialist

Newborns grow and change so much over those first few weeks, so I feel that it is incredibly important to take this moment and freeze it in time.
Most new parents simply cannot remember all the details because so much happens and so much doesn’t (like a good night’s sleep)!
I guarantee that you will cherish and love each image more than you could ever imagine…

The ideal age for posed newborn photography is within the first 14 days of life (preferably between 10-14 days old) to ensure a sleepy and easily posed baby. After day 14, they are more alert and uncurl due to bone development so it is important to book early. However, if you missed this window, please still get in touch as we can photograph them in a different way.

How it works

Upon booking your newborn session, I will make a note of your estimated due date then once your little bundle arrives, we’ll book an actual time for you to come in. Session times are held from 9:30am during their heaviest day sleep and last for 2-3 hours. The session time allows time for feeding, posing and settling of your baby.

Client Wardrobe

During your experience, you will have access to our client wardrobe and a range of baby accessories, wraps, blankets, props and outfits.

All of these items are sourced from the finest local and international suppliers and are available for the session. If you have something special to include, please bring it along.


I know that there would be nothing more daunting to hand your new baby over to a complete stranger but please know, I am a trained professional. I understand the techniques necessary to pose safely, how to identify potential risks and how to avoid them. During your experience, I promise to ensure that your little one is kept warm, comfortable and content in the studio at all times and will take extra care when positioning them (safety is key)!

All items in my studio are carefully sanitised and washed between each client to ensure a hygienic and germ-free environment. This is why I only take one baby per day.

The health of your baby is vital! Please know that my First Aid training is up to date and I am fully-vaccinated to protect your little one! It is so important to ensure your photographer is immunised, especially against Whooping Cough.