Newborn Photography Brisbane Studio

This beautiful girl stole my heart! She had the most amazing hair & lashes I have ever seen, I literally wanted to keep her! Lol <3

The Client Experience:

From the moment we contacted Jodi, she made my husband and I feel comfortable.  Jodi accommodated for us during the consultation period and really went beyond.  Jodi has a beautiful and calm personality which made me feel so comfortable, and that was more evident during the photoshoot.  

What was the highlight of your session?

The highlight of the session was watching just how natural Jodi was with our daughter Amalia. Jodi professionalism was definitely what we loved, from the way she conducts and presents herself in her studio.

You can definitely see how much time and effort she puts into every shoot. Another highlight is that Jodi has a real eye for detail, she takes the times to ensure that all outfits and wraps are on point before taking the pictures, which we noticed in the final products. 

Why did you pick JC Imagery?

We choose JC imagery because of her work displayed on Instagram, each photo was beautiful and creative. Her personality created a wonderful atmosphere which made the session very memorable.

During this important phase in your child’s life, you want to ensure that the precious moments are captured to a high standard and that’s just what Jodi did, the quality and quantity are definitely worth it. I am so glad I came across her Instagram page!  

Our Story:

Our pregnancy was certainly a surprise to us. I remember taking so many pregnancy tests, each one negative and by this stage, I was so late, but I actually started to believe what the test said.

It wasn’t until we were overseas that I questioned everything… I began to feel so sick in the stomach and it was at this moment I decided to take another test and yes you guessed it, I was pregnant (at this stage I was already 5 weeks)!

After the 6 weeks I suffered no morning sickness (I was very fortunate), just fatigue and the occasional back pain. I was induced on the 9th of January and was admitted to North-Eastern hospital and stayed overnight.

Throughout the night, I was completely unaware that I was contracting. It wasn’t until early hours on the 10th of January that my obstetrician broke my waters and after 1 hour of pushing and a small cocktail dose of epidural, we welcome into the world Amalia Harper. 

Was the gender a total surprise?

We decided not to find out. We figured that you don’t get many surprises in life, so I think that’s how we justified it at the end of the day. I remember being so sure that I was pregnant with a boy, I felt so strongly about it to.  My instinct may have been wrong, but we welcomed a beautiful girl, so not knowing added so much excitement. 


The name that we chose for our daughter was Amalia Harper. We chose this name because my husband and I loved the name as soon as we heard it. The naming process was defiantly a team effort.

My husband wasn’t a fan of having and middle name and I was, so we compromised, and the deal was if it was a boy, he will have no middle name. However, if it was a girl she would (ha-ha guess I won) … During my pregnancy, we would often call our unborn child; little peanut, chickpea, and bubba!

Retail Therapy!

My favourite stores that I find are reliable, affordable and have good quality is Baby Bunting (I was constantly keeping my eye for sales as you can save hundreds of dollars especially on high ticket items. I obsessed with Kmart and Myer and a lot of online boutiques. 

Tips & Tricks for new parents:

  • Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, you got this! 
  • Enjoy your pregnancy 
  • Sleep is over rated (but when your baby sleeps you sleep, house work can wait) 
  • Don’t be scared or ashamed to ask for help (the first 6 weeks really test you). It gets easier 
  • Make sure you go for walks, just to get out of the house really helps. 
  • People are always going to tell you want you should do, but you know your child do what you feel is best. 


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