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Newborn & Family Photography Brisbane

Meet Evaliah… What an absolutely gorgeous baby, I couldn’t get enough of her beautiful strawberry hair and button nose. She was an absolute angel during her session so we were able to get such amazing portraits for her family to remember…

The Client Experience

How has your experience been with JC imagery and how did Jodi make you feel?
Our experience with JC imagery was more than we could’ve ever asked for! Going into my maternity shoot I was extremely nervous and wasn’t really sure what to expect, but by the end of it, I walked away with some amazing photos that I thought I would’ve never been able to achieve, let alone feel comfortable in doing so. Then when we returned with our little girl I was so comfortable with handing her over. Jodi is such a lovely and genuine person, it definitely shows that she is passionate about her job.


What was the highlight of your maternity and newborn session?
The highlight of my maternity shoot was definitely when my partner was helping with the silk flick in a couple of my photos. He just couldn’t quite master it but in the end we got an amazing photo. I loved how Jodi included my partner in the session. As for the newborn session, the highlight was just watching Jodi work. It was incredible to watch how Jodi would calm Evaliah down, ready for each setup. We had full confidence throughout the whole shoot and we even managed to get a, extra prop while bub slept.

Why did you choose JC Imagery to capture this special time?
I stumbled across JC imagery in my search through Instagram for a newborn/maternity photographer in Adelaide. I instantly fell in love with her work! She is so flexible and offers high-quality photographs, which was exactly what we were after.

Our Story…

Is there a story surrounding your pregnancy? Was it a breeze or did your little one make you work for it? Little-miss definitely made me work for it!! Got stuck with the horrid Hyperemesis Gravidarum… 🙁

Did you find out whether you were having a boy or a girl? Or was it a total surprise?
We found out at our 18-week scan. We had planned to find out at a gender reveal that we were going to have but the suspense was too much! As soon as the sonographer asked if we wanted to know we both jumped at the opportunity.


How did you come up with your baby’s name? And did you have other names that you used while your new baby was still in the womb)?
Before we found out that we were having a girl, we would refer to her as ‘jellybean’. Then from probably 26 weeks onwards, we fell in love with the name Evaliah. We just stumbled across it one day after tossing a few different variations around. I loved the name Evie, but my partner wasn’t set on it so we decided on Evaliah. Evie for a nickname.


What are your favourite stores that you are obsessed with shopping at…
I’m sure that I’m not the only one but I’m totally obsessed with all things ‘Kmart!’ There’s an online store called ‘Little Eedie and they have some adorable clothing! Baby Bunting also has some incredible items and some amazing nursery furniture.

How far in advance did you prepare the nursery? Or did you wing it last minute?
We moved down from Cairns when I was 32 weeks pregnant and had ordered all our nursery furniture from an online store. The room was ready and set up only a few weeks before Evaliah arrived.


Do you have any tips for expecting mums?
The only tip that I can really give is, is to be completely open-minded. Don’t go into parenthood expecting to have everything done perfectly and to know what you’re doing. Have an open mind about birth as well because literally, anything can happen. I was terrified of becoming a Mum with fear of failing and not being good enough but now I am absolutely loving it! Just take each day as it comes and every minute while your baby is little, it doesn’t last for long.

Helpful tricks

Do you have any tips and tricks for parents adjusting to parenthood in those early days?
Definitely try and get a bassinet with wheels on it! After leaving the hospital and coming home I actually got my dad to attach a set of wheels to my bassinet… Stock your freezer up with frozen meals! This has been a life saver for my partner and I. Those nights where you are over exhausted and just can’t be bothered cooking are the perfect nights to just pull out a frozen home-cooked meal!

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For more information about maternity and newborn portraiture, please click here, I would love to hear from you! Jodi x