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Motherhood Sessions Brisbane Photographer

‘Being a mum is a unique experience that only you shall understand’…

Mums are always behind the camera, documenting growth and connection but quite often aren’t in the images themselves. Motherhood sessions have been designed to capture all those special moments between you and your baby…

When do we book?

Your portrait experience will take 1-2 hours and will be held in my comfy studio where it is safe for your baby to have their portraits taken.

We will schedule the session for when your baby is between 6-9 months old (when he/she can sit on their own, unsupported). That way we can capture some images of your baby on their own too. 

Babies of this age are full of personality and so much fun. I love their leg rolls, bright eyes and cheeky smile. That is just priceless!

Ladies… Please note…

You do not have to be a supermodel! Booking a motherhood session will allow you to see yourself in a different way. I will highlight your best features and discuss any concerns you may have so that the outcome exceeds your expectations. 

I take great pride to ensure that you love your images… So along with the usual post-production techniques, I resolve lumps, bumps and imperfections of every kind, correct skin tones, smooth out skin, brighten eyes and whiten teeth.

I will chat with you prior to the session and issue a comprehensive preparation guide. This will help us to understand each other and allow me to ensure you are comfortable with every step.

Standing in front of the camera to pose doesn’t come naturally to most too, which is why I will guide you every step of the way so that you don’t even have to think about it!

What to wear?

Outfits and silk are provided during the session but if you have something specific that you’d like to bring/wear to give your gallery a personal touch with lots of variety, let me know and we’ll discuss it further.

I also have a Pinterest page for inspiration, should you wish to visualise the style that is best suited for the session.

For further information & pricing, please get in touch. We are only able to take a few bookings per month so please message early to avoid disappointment.

Otherwise… Make sure to LIKE us on Instagram for lots of ‘behind the scenes’ goodness!