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Family Maternity Baby Photographer

Let’s be honest! It’s actually quite difficult to coordinate colours and prepare for a photography session!

Almost every single client becomes overwhelmed at some point, so I have created this guide to help you along the way!  


Keep it simple! 

Ensure to avoid logos and strong patterns as this can be quite distracting. Don’t be afraid to play around with textures though!

Be comfortable but highlight your best features as this will lead to greater confidence during the session.

Choose a palette first! 

Pick 3 or 4 different tones… Muted/neutral colours are easier to coordinate and gives that clean, fresh and timeless look.

I would recommend pastels and earthy tones so that our true focus is on that connection. 

Dress up!

Don’t be afraid to dress up in formal clothes… I absolutely love collared shirts for boys and a beautiful dress for the ladies.

If you are investing in highquality professional portraits, go the extra mile and wear something amazing. This will guarantee perfection!

Here’s a little tip!

It is also very important that all clothing (if possible) is ironed as the camera will reveal all the small creases/flaws.

Consider the style of your home…

Imagine what the images will look like when they are printed and on display. This piece of art will be a statement, ensure that the colours/style you choose is right for your home.  

Makeup & Styling: 


I recommend having it done by a professional makeup artist because the camera tends to expose flaws that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Professional makeup artists are trained in contouring the face, colour matching and accentuating your best features.

I repair an extensive range of problems during my post-production techniques but for a flawless complexion, it is best to have a professional do it for you. Besides, makeup makes you feel amazing!


Sometimes hair can look dull and flat so if you want that extra polished look, have a hairdresser style your locks… They use premium products to control any imperfection and are able to frame your face perfectly.

If you decide to do it yourself, control any frizz, add products & create some volume. An up-style or full bodied-curls are usually, the go-to look! 


Please keep it simple! Avoid strong colours as this causes quite a distraction. Neutral colours work best.

I hope this article has been super helpful to you and has made the process a bit easier! If I have missed anything though, please feel free to message me and we will chat further!

Otherwise, free to follow us on Instagram to see what I get up to, behind the scenes! Jodi xxx