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Family Couples Photographer Brisbane

After many requests, I am super excited to announce that I am now booking family portrait sessions again!

Family portrait sessions are held outdoors at sunset and generally take 1-2 hours. I love to capture and preserve natural moments between couples/families and will take extra time to ensure that your children are comfortable and have fun!

Whether for a special occasion or to document a special time, these portraits will be cherished more than you could ever imagine…


Prior to your session, I will provide a comprehensive preparation guide and discuss your personalised photography session. This will help us to understand each other and allow me to ensure you are comfortable with every step. 

My aim is to exceed your expectations so if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know so that I can plan accordingly.

Please know that along with the usual post-production techniques, I resolve lumps, bumps and imperfections, correct skin tones, smooth out skin, brighten eyes and whiten teeth. 

Standing in front of the camera to pose doesn’t come naturally to most too, which is why I will guide you every step of the way so that you don’t even have to think about it!

What to wear

It is important to pick your wardrobe in advance to ensure the perfect portraits!

Please select neutral, earthy or pastel tones and keep it simple (avoiding busy patterns, logos and strong colours). For the best results, try and stick to a specific theme and coordinate colours rather than matching the outfits. I also prefer collared shirts for the boys but wrinkles do tend to show up in photos so please ensure that everything is ironed. 


Guys – Wearing moisturiser on your face can help you appear more refreshed.

Ladies – I recommend having your makeup done by a professional makeup artist because the camera tends to expose flaws that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Professional makeup artists are trained in contouring the face, colour matching and accentuating your best features. They will ensure that you have a flawless complexion for your portraits.

Besides, makeup makes you feel good and leads to greater confidence during your session!

If your hair seems flat and you’re after that extra polished look, have a hairdresser style your locks too… They use premium products to control any imperfection and are able to frame your face perfectly.

If you decide to do it yourself though, just ensure to control any frizz, add products & create some volume. An up-style or full bodied-curls are usually a client’s go-to look.

Your nails – please avoid tough colours as this causes quite a distraction.

Contact me!

If you’re interested in reserving a family or couples portrait session, please ‘get in touch‘ now as there are limited sessions available for the rest of 2019! Clients book months in advance so my calendar fills quickly!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Jodi xxx


There’s lots of ‘behind the scenes’ goodness to see! 🙂