It was an absolute dream, creating portraits for Hamish. He was so content during his session, so much so, that I wanted to keep him! Ha-ha. Jodi x

Baby’s Name: Hamish McLennan
Birth Weight: 2.81kg
DOB: 17/10/2019

The client experience…

Our experience with Jodi was awesome! Jodi is an absolute professional but also makes you feel like she’s one of your friends! I really enjoyed engaging with Jodi from start to finish. 

She was recommended by a friend so I started following her on Instagram and loved the style of the photos/props etc.

The absolute highlight of the session was to see how everything is set up and how it would all pan out! 

My story… 

I did not enjoy being pregnant. I was pretty sick for most of it and was a big lifestyle change for me. But obviously, in the end, it’s worth every second.

We didn’t find out whether we were having a boy or girl, everyone said boy from the start so that was kind of the way we were leaning… and we did have a boy! 

With baby names, we had a list but nothing set in concrete. I think I just suggested Hamish in the last couple of weeks before he was born and we didn’t think about it again until he was there in the birthing suite, it just seemed to fit.

With baby clothes, we found that ‘Best and Less’ were affordable, we’re a bit thriftier when it comes to this because they grow so quick! Ha-ha. Plus, we were lucky to be given lots of clothes and toys.

The nursery wasn’t prepared in advance, it was finalised later in my pregnancy! I didn’t ever really “nest” either… I’m not too concerned about it as we still don’t use the space anyway, except to store things and change nappies. 

Tips and Tricks…

One thing they don’t tell you about babies is how much noise they make!!! Especially when they’re sleeping. Try not to be too concerned and listen and check on your baby every 5 minutes because you’ll never sleep. 

We’ve moved Hamish out of our room (but still within ear shot) and are sleeping much better now. 

Overall, try to just go with the flow. We all just wing it. Try not to google everything too! Talk to a friend instead… Love you little one and cuddle them whenever you both want!

Remember, it won’t be like this for long…


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