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Jackson was such a sweetie! Such a gorgeous boy and lovely family to work with! I enjoyed every minute and couldn’t wait to share a few images from his session with you! X


Client’s Name: Jysi-lei Reck
Baby’s Name: Jackson
Birth Weight: 9 pounds 1 ounce
DOB: 11 October 2019

The Client Experience…

How has your experience been with JC imagery and how did Jodi make you feel?

From start to finish it’s been wonderful. She is highly professional but also warm and friendly.

My eldest son is 3 and very shy but he took to her straight away, that doesn’t happen often! Her personality added something extra to our experience. We all felt really at ease and relaxed.

What was the highlight of your session?

Apart from seeing our newborn all bundled up it was definitely Jodi making our 3 year old feel genuinely included.

Why did you choose JC Imagery? 

Initially from a post in a Defence group on social media, I love to support other defence partners and so I checked out her business page and it was a style of photography that I thought would suit our family.

It is simple yet classy and seeing those helped me decide to get newborn photography for my second baby.

Is there a story surrounding your pregnancy? Was it a breeze or did your little one make you work for it?

It took us 2 years almost to the date to conceive Jackson, I had just accepted that this wouldn’t happen when I found out I was pregnant.

The pregnancy was amazing and problem-free, much different from my first experience! I enjoyed every day, maybe a little more because I felt so grateful.

How did you find out whether you were having a boy or a girl? Or was it a total surprise?

I had a balloon made, we had my son pop the balloon in the back yard and saw a shower of blue confetti!

We did keep it a total surprise from everyone else including family for months until after the birth, it was hard but worth it, everyone was guessing. The next one will be a surprise until birth for everyone including us!

How did you come up with your baby’s name? And did you have other names that you used while your new baby was still in the womb)?

We originally loved Henry, but I wanted Harrison, but that name was already in the family. We didn’t decide on a name until a few days after the birth.

Everyone wanted details but we just didn’t know ourselves who he was yet but I’m glad we took our time.

Tell me your favourite stores that you are obsessed with shopping at (this may help other parents prepare for their new miracle).

Little Rompers in Darwin, Baby Bunting. Most of our baby shopping was online as Darwin is very isolated.

How far in advance did you prepare the nursery? Or did you wing it last minute? 

We created a nursery in our room, I love having him close!

Do you have any tips for expecting mums?

Your chances to have babies are not unlimited, so do everything how you want.

That’s for pregnancy, delivery and beyond. Take the photos of your bump every week, do something nice for yourself to feel beautiful.

When strangers comment on your belly size or ask what you’re having just enjoy it! What you are doing is amazing.

Do you have any tips and tricks for parents adjusting to parenthood in those early days? 

The days can be hard, remember everything is temporary. Enjoy the love you now have and look after each other.

brisbane newborn family photographer
brisbane newborn family photographer
brisbane newborn family photographer
brisbane newborn family photographer

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