Brisbane Family Photographer | Pine Forest

I had such an amazing time with this beautiful family and I love that they really understood the importance of capturing this specific moment in time, no matter the situation.

When your children see photos from the past and present, they become connected to their own story. Which in the future, will shape who they become.

I had to share a few of my favourite images from their session! I hope you love them as much as I do! Jodi x

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The Client Experience…

How has your experience been with JC imagery?

Seamless, from start to finish. Jodi was happy to answer my questions, help with styling tips, calm the nerves, and most importantly she was able to capture the most beautiful moments. 

How did you feel about finding a photographer?

When I searched for a photographer, I had a style in mind I wanted to achieve. As I scrolled through images by JC Imagery, I knew she was the one I could trust with my family pictures.

What was the highlight of your session?

The moments with my partner; we looked into each other’s eyes and we were able to be in the moment.

There was no awkwardness but pure love when doing the shoot. That takes some serious talent! 

Where did you choose to have your photos done and why?

We chose to have our session done at the Pine Forest for the dark and moody look. It is an intimate location that is very different from the light/fun setting of the beach.

The Importance of Family Photography…

Why are family photos important to you?

Family photos capture a moment in time that you won’t ever get back.

No matter what we look like, those photos will be cherished by not just our children but hopefully their children as well. 

How have you displayed your images?

We chose a 3 canvas spread of our family. Around the home, I have lovely wooden frames and will arrange photos to be on display at key points.

By having them all printed I can easily change over these photos and experience all of the selected photos. 

Tips & Tricks…

Do you have any tips for other families to help them prepare for their sessions?

Enjoy the session and have an idea of what photos you would like. to display; eg. children only, parents together, one parent with each individual child, and single photos of each family member.

Having this plan will help move through the session smoothly. Jodi has a great eye so trust her guidance.

For the guys, if they feel a tad nervous, perhaps bring a few drinks along.

Most importantly… Remember why you are taking them.