The sitter and baby photography sessions are lots of fun. They usually consist of lots of smiles, squeals and laughter. Extra time is taken to ensure your baby enjoys the session and feels comfortable and safe.

Sitter sessions take between 1-2 hours and are best held between 6-9 months when your baby can sit unsupported but yet crawling. Sessions can be held indoors in my beautifully lit studio using natural light or outdoors on location during early/late afternoon.

Props and outfit are to be supplied by the client.

A cake smash session is a wonderful way to document your little ones first birthday. The images are unique, memorable and fun for baby and parents.

During the cake smash, the baby sets the pace, some sessions last a few minutes, while others may take a lot more time. Ideally, baby will dig right into the cake and others will need assistance from mum and dad.

Props, outfit and cake (for allergy reasons) are to be supplied by the client. Personally I just love bare bellies on little ones teamed with skirts, nappy covers or shorts but feel free to dress and accessorise however you please. It is best to co-ordinate the colours and avoid very dark, bright white.

All sessions finish with a warm bubble bath.

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