Newborn Photography Adelaide – Tilly

Oh Tilly! You are just beautiful! We had so much fun during her newborn photography session. So many laughs and time out to relax for mum and dad. Enjoy some of our favourites captured in the studio and if you would love to see more of our work, click here.

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Enjoy! Jodi x

The client experience

How has your experience been with JC imagery and how did Jodi make you feel?

Excellent! Yes – we have told all of our friends and anyone who has commented on our photos. Jodi made us feel amazing – at ease, comfortable and relaxed. We had a lot of laughs during the shoot – at everyone’s expense! Haha

Is there a story surrounding your pregnancy? Was it a breeze or did your little one make you work for it?

Our baby girl was the boss from day 1. My partner Jason knew that I was pregnant before the test was positive. I was terribly sick for the first 5 months – which didn’t completely disappear through the remainder of the pregnancy. I could eat something one day then not be able to stomach it the next. I also had really swollen feet and hands! 


Did you find out whether you were having a boy or a girl? Or was it a total surprise?

Total surprise! We found out when she was lifted up onto me – Jason had a hunch that she was a girl all along… My mum thought I was having a boy but changed her mind later on in the pregnancy. 

How did you come up with your baby’s name? And did you have other names that you used while your new baby was still in the womb)?

‘Bubs’ and ‘little one’ was used while Tilly was in the womb… We chose two names; one for a boy and one for a girl… When our baby girl arrived, I really liked the name Tilly and so did Jason so that is what we went with!

How far in advance did you prepare the nursery? Or did you wing it last minute?

We just did bits and bobs throughout the pregnancy. The cot arrived after the birth of Tilly so we put that together on the first night we arrived home so we are still working on the nursery.


Tell me your favourite stores that you are obsessed with shopping at (this may help other parents prepare for their new miracle).

I barely did any shopping at all! Everything was gifted, both new and second-hand (I personally love how soft the second-hand clothes are). I bought all the necessary items such as our cot, drawers, breast pump, bottles etc at Baby Bunting.

Do you have any tips for expecting mums?

Relax! Trust your partner and midwives to look after you. Make sure you rest, sleep and slow down especially during those last few weeks before baby arrives. Also, enjoy your bump! Your plans most likely won’t go to plan so just roll with it. Freezer meals are great to prepare in advance!

Do you have any tips and tricks for parents adjusting to parenthood in those early days?

Take photos! They won’t be clear memories, only flashes. Watch your bub and learn their cues. Listen to everyone’s advice and take back what works for you. Ignore the messy house; sit with your baby, take it all in and be kind to yourself! Your partner and baby are learning too so be kind and be a team! When your baby is upset, remember the 4xB’s; 1. Booby/bottle – are they hungry? 2. Bum – do they have a dirty nappy? 3. Body – Give them lots of cuddles and skin-skin contact. 4. Bed – are they tired?

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