Maternity, Newborn & Baby Photography Adelaide

I first met Jaimee for her maternity session and she had this amazing glow! Her maternity session made her feel beautiful and was the perfect opportunity for her to relax and in the studio prior to the birth of her new addition, Lucas… I felt so much love and connection between this beautiful family and honestly could not wait to share some images from each session with you.

Enjoy their gallery and if you would love something like this for yourself, I would love to hear from you so feel free to connect and let me know what exactly you’re looking for! Jodi x

Client experience

How has your experience been with JC imagery and how did Jodi make you feel?

Jodi is very professional, friendly and warm. She ensures you and your Bub are relaxed and comfortable throughout the shoot. She is excellent at communicating the processes and makes sure you don’t leave with questions unanswered. 

What was the highlight of your session?

How relaxed and comfortable Jodi made me feel during the maternity shoot. I was hesitant to show my belly, but Jodi made me feel beautiful and empowered. Our highlight for the newborn shoot was how passionate and professional Jodi was about newborns. She took everything in her step and nothing was too much for her.

Why did you choose JC Imagery?

A friend recommended Jodi to. She had amazing shots of her son done with Jodi and loved the experience and end product. I would definitely recommend JC Imagery to anyone and everyone!!

Our story

Is there a story surrounding your pregnancy? Was it a breeze or did your little one make you work for it?

My pregnancy with Lucas was a breeze! No morning sickness, no headaches, no aches, no pains.

Did you find out whether you were having a boy or a girl? Or was it a total surprise?

We left it a surprise. Then once he was born, my partner Shane informed all present in the birth suite that Lucas was a boy. It was a special moment for him during the birth process, he was so chuffed!

When did you come up with your baby’s name? And did you have other names that you used while your new baby was still in the womb?

Shane and I have been set on “Lucas Jack” for approx 8 years. We think it is a strong, not heard of too often name, that suits all ages. When Lucas was in the womb, we called him “Nugget” because on the first scan we had done, he looked like a chicken nugget!


Tell me your favourite stores that you are obsessed with shopping at (this may help other parents prepare for their new miracle).

We didn’t buy any designer clothes etc because they grow so quickly when they are newborns. We got our nursery furniture from ‘Mocka Australia‘ and would recommend them – quick delivery and quality products. And our pram is a ‘Redsbaby‘. I bought this without seeing one in the flesh and would do it again. Very well made, nice details and affordable.

The nursery – How far in advance did you prepare? Or did you just wing it last minute?

Shane didn’t want to “jinx” the pregnancy, so we didn’t buy anything until we were at least 7 months in. Then I had everything set up and ready to go by 8 months because I was so excited!

Tips and tricks

Do you have any tips for expecting mums?

Just go with the flow! Try to take everything as it comes, don’t sweat the small stuff and live in the moment. Numerous people throughout my pregnancy told me to be relaxed and calm. I feel this helped the pregnancy to be a breeze and the labour to go off without any issues. I just went with the flow. Also, sometimes I feel it is best not having a “set in stone” birth plan. They often never go to plan so don’t set yourself up for failure. 

What advice do you have for parents adjusting to parenthood in those early days?

I would recommend that new parents remain calm and relaxed (I know it sounds hard) but Bub will pick up when you’re distressed, upset, stressed and overwhelmed and they will then mimic this. If you go with the flow, remain calm and do what you can when you can, you’ll be fine. And sleep whenever you can!! You never know when your Bub will want to cluster feed and you won’t be able to leave the lounge/feeding chair for hours.

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