Albury Wodonga Photography – Lily Belle

Albury Wodonga Photography – Lily Belle

We had so much fun together while creating their new portraits. I hope you love looking through our favourites from the newborn session and if you have any questions regarding the services we have available, please contact me here 🙂 Jodi x

How has your experience been with JC imagery and would you recommend Jodi to friends?

Our experience with JC Imagery was amazing! From the very start, I felt comfortable with Jodi as she is so easy going, approachable and friendly. She made our sessions enjoyable and easy! I would highly recommend Jodi to other people without any hesitation and have been doing so already!

How did you feel about finding a photographer and how did Jodi make you feel?

I like to research everything I do, and after looking through the Albury Wodonga region for a photographer I felt very happy with my decision to go with Jodi. I felt 100% comfortable with her.

Is there a story surrounding your pregnancy? Was it a breeze or did your little one make you work for it?
I certainly could tell a story about this pregnancy. After 6 months of trying for our second baby I went to the doctor for a general checkup, and basically, it all started from there. I was sent for an ultrasound, which showed up my previous caesarean scar was widened, thin and weak. I was booked in to have surgery to fix the scar and told to stop trying for a baby as my uterus may rupture, however in this 2 week time period, I had fallen pregnant. So as you could imagine I was beside myself with worry, and uncertainty of being able to keep this baby. A much-wanted baby! From there we had scan after scan after scan (22 in total to be exact) to determine whether we would be able to keep it. Then told by one Obstetrician that we should terminate the pregnancy. Unhappy and devastated with that opinion, we sought a second opinion. To then we were referred to Melbourne. At this stage, we were 13 weeks along when Melbourne finally were confident in saying that we could go ahead with the pregnancy. However, it was high risk and further scans and monitoring were necessary. At each scan thereafter things seemed to be going well. We were advised that I could not go into labour as this would risk uterine rupture and that a caesarean would be needed at 35/36 weeks. As a result, this was a very stressful pregnancy which still came with all of the typical pregnancy symptoms; all day sickness, nose bleeds, heartburn to name a few. It was hard to enjoy this pregnancy as we were so uncertain of the outcome. Finally comes 36 weeks, and delivery day. I was so scared and nervous as to what was going to happen, and if the baby would need any assistance when delivered. But we can thankfully say that baby come out screaming, lungs working fine, and no assistance needed. We were so happy to meet our beautiful baby GIRL!!

How did you find out whether you were having a boy or a girl? Or was it a total surprise?

After a total of 22 scans, we decided not to find out the sex of the baby. I felt like I needed a good surprise after all of the stress, and I’m so glad as it was the best surprise ever!! A little sister to our other daughter!

How did you come up with your baby’s name? And did you have other names that you used while your new baby was still in the womb)?

This was extremely difficult. We had approx 20 girls names that we liked but could not agree on any!! Our baby girl went without a name for 4 days, until we finally decided on ‘Lily Belle’. I also wanted a flower as part of her name, as my first daughter is ‘Indi Rose’, so this just seemed fitting.

If you have other children, how did they feel about becoming a big brother/sister?

Our first born Indi was adamant we were going to have a girl and its name would be ‘Hayley’. We discussed the possibility that baby might be a boy, but she did not want a bar of it. We were a little concerned that if we did have a boy that she wasn’t going to be impressed at all. BUT, we had a girl and Indi was just over the moon, Her first reaction was priceless, she is so in love with her baby sister!

Tell me your favourite stores that you are obsessed with shopping at (this may help other parents prepare for their new miracle).

I love Baby Bunting, Baby Nest & Okes

How far in advance did you prepare the nursery? Or did you wing it last minute?

Second baby; it was completed about 2 days before delivery. First baby; ready and decorated beautifully months in advance. We were a lot busier this time around and not as much time to spend on setting up the nursery but we got there in the end.

Do you have any tips for expecting mums?

Enjoy the ride as much as possible because it goes very quickly and they do not stay little for very long.

Do you have any tips and tricks for parents adjusting to parenthood in those early days?

To be honest, I’m remembering it all over again, just go with the flow and things eventually become easier. Get sleep when you can. It’s hard work but totally worth it.

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